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Tiger Moth : VH-CXV


"Millie", a beautiful lady from a bygone era, helped train countless young Australian men during the tumultuous years of World War II. Often she would have been their first introduction to the joys of flying. They learnt all the basic manoeuvres in her; how to handle an aircraft, how to navigate and how to hopefully stay alive. "Millie" helped prepare them for the larger and more powerful Wirraway’s and Spitfire's they would later fly in combat. Some were better than others. All of them were young.


Her Flying History

Construction Number - 83250.
RAF Serial - T5531

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"Millie" was named after Millicent Bryant, the first woman to obtain a private pilot's license in Australia. She was built in 1938 in England and arrived in Australia Sept 1940 aboard the SS Port Melbourne. Taken on RAAF charge at No. 1 Aircraft Depot Laverton, like all imported training aircraft, "Millie" retained her RAF serial number T5531. During her time with the RAAF, she served with the No. 8 EFTS (Elementary Flying Training school) Narrandera, No. 4 EFTS Mascot, No. 10 EFTS Temora and No. 7 EFTS Western Junction, TAS.


She was declared surplus and sold for £180 to F. Redden, Camden NSW on 20th May 1946 and registered VH-ATD on 1st Jun 1946. Later she was sold to Royal Newcastle Aero Club (1953) where she flew under the registration VH-RNL. When she left their care, "Millie" was given her current registration of VH-CXV.


Rebuilt in 1976 and with a General Motors Gipsy Major engine installed, she participated in several Tiger Moth races including the 1978 "Pacific Film Great Tiger Moth Race", winning several. Since that time she has had a number of owners, moving around the country, and on 13th December she started on her latest adventure when she moved to her new home, here in Orange.


Her Specifications

· Engine: One 145hp Gypsy Major (Holden) 4 piston in-line inverted

· Weight: Empty 549 kg, Max Takeoff 827 kg

· Wing Span: 29ft. 4in.

· Length: 23ft. 11in.

· Height: 8ft. 9in.

· Maximum Speed: 139 KIAS

· Propeller: 2 bladed wooden fixed pitch

· Range: 2.0 hrs @ 1950RPM & 70 KIAS

· Tail Wheel with brakes fitted


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